Thanks for purchasing my art prints!

Art tubes are the BEST way to ship larger art prints to avoid damage. Due to being rolled in a cylinder, your print will be curled. Here is a short video showing the best way to instantly uncurl your print!

See FAQs below


Can I touch the ink on the print?
Yes. Don’t worry, the ink and paper I use are permanent. But use clean, dry, oil-free hands in order to not smudge your art with dirt or oils. Avoid anything abrasive — like dirt or sand on your flat surface — these could cause visible scratches on dark/solid portions of the art.

Will the paper rip or crease?
This fine art paper is difficult to crease or tear. Use care when rolling — attempting to always apply equal, even pressure to both sides of the paper. I’ve never had a customer tell me they’ve hurt the print while unrolling.

Is there a different way to uncurl the print?
If left lying on a flat surface, the paper will lose about 50% of its curl naturally, in a few hours. You can optionally place a clean, dry, weighted object on opposite sides to encourage flattening.